Behind the Scenes of Werewolves in the Kitchen by Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight:

I’m hosted today on Literary Lagniappe offering some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Werewolves in the Kitchen and a sneak peek at Werewolves with Chocolate.

Originally posted on Literary Lagniappe:

Here are some peeks behind-the-scenes for my paranormal romance, Werewolves in the Kitchen.

I actually lived at a spiritual retreat center once. It was lonely, monastic work; out in the woods, there were zero dating prospects. Definitely no sexy werewolves! I was in the catering kitchen/laundry room washing my clothes when I came up with this steamy story idea. I wrote the menage scene with Ellie, Jake, and Kyle, then figured out the two guys were werewolves.

The title for the book almost ended up being “The Silk Scarf.” I changed that because it implied a BDSM theme. Kyle and Jake are certainly Alpha, but nobody’s getting tied up.

I’ve always been more into vampires so I was surprised that writing werewolves ended up being so sexy. As a kid I was terrified of wolves after a series of recurring nightmares.

It also surprised me that my first published…

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Reblog: Why do we Like Paranormal and Magical Stories?

I’m guest blogging at Star-Crossed Romance today discussing so many like Paranormal romance and magic in our fiction.  Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full post:

Why do We Like Paranormal and Magical Stories?

The paranormal romance genre is pretty popular, but being a curious person I sometimes wonder what makes the supernatural, the otherworldly, and the magical, so endlessly fascinating. I must find it captivating since everything I write has some kind of a fantasy or sci-fi element to it….I think there are things below the surface of the “real world.” I think there is the occasional magic, the occasional unexplainable phenomena, even the occasional miracle. And I think that those stories inspire us and entrance us.