Creativity: Fire and Water


Creativity is my greatest personal practice. It is that which I reach for, the impossible vision that lights me on fire and the dream that keeps me awake at night. Creative acts are often how I commune with the divine, how I express my love for the divine beloved. Creativity is my greatest passion, and my greatest gift.

I often look at creativity as a mixture of water and fire. The Water is the well, the chalice, that fills me with imagination and inspiration from the source. In Fire, I have the will to act on that creativity, the drive to complete that which is initially impossible, the passion to burn with creative fire and take up the sword of my own power and visibility, and act in alignment with my integrity.

Sometimes I create alone…designing, painting, writing, planning and problem solving. I enjoy this. But creativity in a void is useless.

My favorite creative moments–the moments I treasure–are the ones where my creativity inspires someone else. This might be the reaction someone has to my painting or design.

Moments that I feel I am truly stretching out my fingers toward my Divine self, where I am lit with creative passion, are the moments when I am working together with a team, collaborating on a project. A friend once asked me what it looks like when my creative efforts inspire someone else. I would call that moment “following my bliss.” I am the most energized when my creativity and passion have inspired a person, a team, to reach for an impossible vision, and achieve it.

I yearn for the moments where I’m with a group of people, at the cusp of a potential project, and no one believes or sees that this “thing” we are doing is possible. My creativity in that moment is being able to grab the vision out of the sky and inspire people to reach for it. Sometimes it’s sketching out a plan in the dirt. Sometimes it’s building a model. And sometimes it’s just the passion with which I approach the project.

Creativity for me is a dance of Water and Fire…of Filling and Will…of Inspiration and Action…of pulling up from the Well, and hammering away at the Blade even though I’m achy, exhausted, and spent, to manifest that impossible vision.

How does creativity dance in your life? How do you inspire, or how are you inspired?


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