A Winter Knight’s Vigil for #SexySnippets

snippets buttonThis post is for the Sexy Snippets hop, and this (spicy) 7 sentence excerpt is from my Erotic Romance A Winter Knight’s Vigil.

Tristan sucked on one peak and tended the other with his fingers, tugging and rolling until Amber didn’t even recognize the crazy sounds she was making.

All at once he surged up; her legs went around his waist in reaction, and he carried her to the bed, dropping her onto the soft feather bedding. She lay there and he stripped off his own shirt, and she moved to unbutton her pants. He tugged them right down her hips until she was bared to him. He unbuckled his kilt and let it fall away, then leaned over her, kissing her again until she cried aloud. He slipped a hand down to Amber’s core, finding her slippery and he growled, leaning his head down into her neck in reaction.

“Good grief, woman,” Tristan growled, and she shook in reaction at being touched there, arching up into his hand.


A Winter Knight’s Vigil is an erotic contemporary romance.

Sexy, kilt-wearing Tristan has captured Amber’s attention on many occasions. But as members of the Kingsword coven, which has strict rules about intimate relationships inside the circle, dating him is out of the question. 

When the coven heads to a secluded woodland cabin to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Amber finds herself closer than ever to Tristan. As the Longest Night approaches and their group’s ritual workings intensify, the pair realizes that they can no longer hide from their feelings.

Just as King Arthur held vigil before being knighted, Tristan and Amber face their shadows—and the realization that one or both of them might have to leave the coven. Or can they be together without breaking their honor?

Excerpt (PG-13)  |  Excerpt (Spicy hot)
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