Iterations of a Cover Design: A Fading Amaranth

FadingAmaranthCover25Now that I’m a published author, I consider it incredibly fortunate that I’m able to do a lot of my own graphic design work, including my own covers. In the past when I’ve put up some of my book cover designs on my Facebook, I’ve had people ask to get a peek into my cover design process. While it’s hard to represent the hours of hunting that I do for the right stock photo, this can give you a little insight into what I go through in designing and illustrating a cover for a book.

A Fading Amaranth will be coming out soon! Here’s a little info about the story, and an image gallery of my design process in 25 stages.

A Fading Amaranth
Nathaniel’s been a vampire long enough to grow weary; he’s lost his muse. When he meets Alexandra, she isn’t swayed by his vampire hypnosis and he rediscovers his passion for life. Alexandra hasn’t been with anyone for years; her psychic abilities overwhelm her with people’s thoughts. However, she can’t hear Nathaniel’s mind.

They struggle to decide what they’re willing to risk, and willing to give up, to be together. When a Faerie monster begins stalking Chicago, they find themselves snared in a paranormal battle with some of Chicago’s mage guardians. For one guardian, Nathaniel counts as one of the monsters…

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