Memes I’m Working On

I’m currently writing a series of articles on Graphic Design for Authors over at Author Allies. As part of that, a few of the authors on the IndieRomanceInk Yahoo group asked me for some help with basics of creating memes and banners. I thought I’d share a few of the designs I’ve done, and that I’m working up.



I was asked to create a banner for a book blog. I had to put it together pretty quickly, and this is what I came up with for the measurements I was given. When I have more books out in a particular series, that’ll make for a better banner.



This FB banner features my fiction.



This FB banner focuses on my nonfiction.



This FB banner focuses on my artwork.


This FB banner focuses on my designs for T-shirts, tote bags, cards, and other items on my Redbubble site.



This is the first FB banner I did for myself. It’s a little busy and focuses on too many things.  I rotate what I have up on my FB as I have all sorts of irons in the fire.



This is one of my favorite quotes from my book Werewolves in the Kitchen. I pulled the quote out because I’m working on a short story freebie of Ellie, Jake, and Kyle…the guys waylay her with chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day, but little do they know that she’s found herself a Red Riding Hood outfit to tempt them with. Smut ensues. I created the meme to try and inspire myself to finish the story, and it’s getting pretty close to being done.



This is a sketch of a meme I’m working on for my new vampire romance novella, A Fading Amaranth. I’m still working out what quote I want to use, but this is essentially what it will look like. For contrast, here’s the book cover.



Here are a few other FB banners I’ve done.







And of course, my cat Ziggy gets a meme whenever I have a few moments.

XiggorethBooks-01 XiggorethDestroyer XiggorethHelpingWrite-01 XiggorethSoulStealer-01


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