MV5BMTk4NTY0MTQ0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTYwMjkzOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_I ingest rather a lot of TV and movie media when I’m writing and painting. I’ll mow through an entire series in a few days. Since the type of shows I watch are almost exclusively fantasy, scifi or paranormal, I thought I’d offer some short reviews of various shows and movies I’ve watched. These aren’t going to be in-depth, literary reviews…they’re just my off-the-cuff take on a show. So here’s a whirlwind review of Crossbones, Tracker, Manhattan, Endgame, and Defiance.

Who doesn’t like pirates, right? Except…what a stupendous waste of John Malkovitch’s time. I hope that he at least had fun with the role and the costumes while it lasted. The show is just horrendous with plot holes big enough to sink a ship. Ok, sorry about that. I really couldn’t resist. Overall what irked me about this show is that it just didn’t make sense. It doubled back on itself, tied itself in a knot, and tripped, plot-wise. I liked the main character but the show was just poorly written and poorly done.



I’m not sure how this one-season-wonder made it past the first few episodes, but they managed to produce 22 episodes of this show starring Adrian Paul. And…yes. I watched all 22 episodes. Why? Well, I was sort of desperate for content. But, once I watch a show, I kind of want to see how it ends, even if it’s terrible. And I admit it, I developed a soft spot for the clueless alien Tracker and the human woman who falls for him (but can’t tell him she loves him). Ok, further admission; Adrian Paul is sexy. I had a thing for him in Highlander. If you liked Highlander and don’t want to sully the memories, do not watch this show. If you’re on Hulu at 3am and you desperately need to watch something, this is your show.


I love this show; it sucked me in. Technically this is a historical, but the way the show creators have built the world it’s just as much like a fantasy or scifi show. In fact, part of the allure for me is the science and knowing that they are working on trying to figure out how to build an atomic bomb. The opening credits sequence is deftly done, the characters are intense, and the filming is just gorgeous. I like how the show is built around the science. I did find myself interested enough to do a deep dive on Wikipedia and Google looking for information on the Manhattan Project. As you might expect, they do play a little loose with some of the specific details, but I’m interested in seeing where they go with it. I hope that this show gets a good run, and when it’s done, I hope the show creators go create something else amazing too.

Ok, this show isn’t technically scifi either. I liked the idea–Russian chess master helps solve crimes with his strategic genius. However, the addition of him having PTSD and being agoraphobic so he can only imagine himself doing investigation didn’t really work for me. I also found the little comedic interludes where he’s “talking” to the people (that he hasn’t met) about the situation to be annoying. If the show had actually explored the strategic genius angle that might have engaged me. The main character is an arrogant jerk and after several episodes I couldn’t find a reason to actually like him. Yes…this one I actually stopped watching after a few episodes.


I want to like this show. I should like this show. Futuristic earth, aliens, rugged frontier town struggling after years of war between humans and aliens. I don’t know what it is, but after two seasons the show just doesn’t grab me. I’ll still watch it, I’m just not all that impressed by it. The main character, Nolan, is intended to be the rugged, authority-flaunting cowboy that we root for. Except, I just don’t care. His adoptive daughter is even more authority flaunting and allows him to show off his heart of gold…but I don’t care about her either. What keeps me watching the show is the Tarr family, particularly Stahma. I typically don’t root for the sociopath crimelord characters, but I admit I’m intrigued. Maybe it will get better. The worldbuilding is well done, but the characters don’t grab me. Farscape, it isn’t.


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Ah, so happy to find someone who feels the same about Crossbones as I do! I wanted to like it so bad because I think Malkovitch is fantastic. I wanted to love the historical side of it. But after the first episode, I knew it wasn’t going to be good, and yet I still kept watching. I don’t think they used his abilities even a quarter as well as they could’ve. I got more from the movies “Red” and “Red 2” where they gave him some great fodder. I found the TV show boring, especially from the moment I found out it was during Blackbeard’s “retirement” and it was being told from the Doc’s POV. Yawn. And the some of those subplots… yikes.

    On the other hand, fist bump to Farscape. When in doubt, Ben Browder and Claudia Black will cheer things right up. 😉

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