2 thoughts on “Just Released! Werewolves with Chocolate

  1. OMG. A newsletter hasn’t ever been this fun! I read through “Werewolves with Chocolate” TWICE tonight, along with “Werewolves in the Kitchen”. Have to say I’m so thrilled you wrote a sequel, especially a novella. *So* much good stuff in it that the longer length allowed for… no puns intended. Loved it even more than the first. And really, in all sincerity, thank you for working all three in and allowing the guys just to go there. Makes me all giggly and stuff.

    All I have to say now is… happy Valentine’s Day?

    • Awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, Jake, Kyle, and Ellie sure are fun to play with. And as for length…well. I have a funny “things my mom says” quote about length, maybe I’ll have to share it in a future blog post. My mom is one of my test readers, since she’s quite the connoisseur of the genre 🙂

      Happy V-day!

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